Kids Face Painting Supplies To Develop Children’s Creativity

Admin 10.01.2020

kids face painting supplies

… and Become A Nightmare for Them.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve created with face painting kits or other kids face painting supplies?

Really, there is no limit to what you can do with face and body paint kits. You are only limited by your imagination. Whether you are using face painting kits for kids or professionals, you can do a lot of magic if you set your heart to it.

This is probably the point artist Jody Steel was trying to make when she made a video of herself painting Peppa Pig on her face. According to her, the aim was to “inspire kids to be creative and silly with their art”. 

Can you imagine painting Peppa Pig art on your child’s face? It’s scary, right? But isn’t that the beauty of arts and of face painting? You can help your child to be creative, explore their artistic skills and also have fun with what they are doing with kids face painting supplies. While to some, a painting like Peppa Pig will be a nightmare, to others it will be fun, but it could still be all at the same time.

Here are some reactions to the video. Due to the latest YouTube policy updates, there is no more possibility to leave comments under videos with children content – but we managed to collect some reactions to it!

So yes! It could get a little bit scary, but it is also a fun-filled thing to do, something every kid will love to do again and again. The point here is that it will be such an awesome experience for kids. It will help them to explore the horizons of their creativity. And all that can easily be achieved using face and body paint kits which can be bought from Amazon.

While this post was inspired by Jody Steel’s Peppa Pig painting on her face, there are more things you and your kids can try creating. Maybe you can paint their favorite cartoon character. But while you are yet to decide, let’s take a closer look at Jody’s Peppa Pig creation.

best face paint for kids

Starting out, everything looks cool, right?

kids face painting kit

It’s beginning to get a little twisted with the dark paint

face painting kits professional

Where is her face? The dark paint is eating it up.

kids face painting supplies

Omg! Now it’s becoming really scary.

Face and body paints

Look, she’s painting her hand too?

Jody Steel face paint

Oh, she was creating a telephone with it.

face painting idea

Here you go; what do you think?