10 Most Shared Joker Movie Memes 2019

Admin 16.10.2019

October 4th in the US and the internet community is a day most movie lovers cannot forget in a hurry. Well, guess what happened! The much-anticipated Joker movie was released. The film is a joy to watch. It has a beautiful storyline and suspense that can keep you at the edge of your seat.

The Joker is a straightforward movie, featuring Arthur, the sad party clown. His sadness is not intentional but born out of hate and injustice directed at him by those he was supposed to entertain. From a sad party clown, Arthur soon graduated into the leader of a deadly gang that terrorized Gotham.

The Joker (Arthur Fleck) focus in life was to become a standup comedian. But things didn’t go as planned. He has an unknown condition that makes him laugh uncontrollably for no reason and was institutionalized for the same purpose. Being a Joker became his worst nightmare. People despised him and turned him into a punching bag. He didn’t retaliate, but the bitterness in his heart continued to grow.

The fact that he was denied the opportunity to use his medication coupled with constant harassment turned him into a monster Joker. One bad or good decision can change a person’s life. That’s what the Joker, Arthur Fleck, a clown for hire by the day, faced. But he chose to go with the bad decision, which changed things for him and the already fractured Gotham society.

This Joker movie, by all standards, is a blockbuster. From eight minutes standing ovation it received at the Venice Film Festival to grossing over $25 million on Thursday alone, you can tell that the movie is a must-watch.

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So, are you ready? Take a look at the memes we gathered from the Joker movie for inspiration: