4 Joker Outfit Ideas for Halloween Party

Admin 23.10.2019

Hurray, Halloween is coming soon!

Do you know what the dress code for this year’s Halloween parties would be? Many would like to look like the image of the Joker acted by Joaquin Phoenix. The movie was a big hit across the globe, but what captivated movie lovers the more was the actor’s endearing costume.

What’s the costume in question? Remember the red outfit the villain wore while dancing on the stairs? That’s the one! He also wore a green hair and had a sloppy clown makeup done simply with a top-notch Halloween face paint kit.

Now, as always, we are suggesting a repeat of the Joker acted by Joaquin Phoenix. Let your dress code for this year’s Halloween party mirror the Joker in this movie. The villain wore something unique and was different from the previous versions.

This time, the villain Joker wore a scarlet suit, green shirt, orange vest and brown boots. The makeup done using a professional-grade Halloween face paint kit also differs from what we have seen in the previous versions too. He had red stripes, eyebrow and blue shadows under the lower and over his upper eyelid.

Now, can anyone put on this outfit? Yes, everyone, irrespective of gender can! These include boys, girls and adults. And as for the painting, all you need to transform your look is the Halloween face paint kit, which you can get with ease via the button below.


Don’t have much money to spend on a suit? No problem! You can also find a budget-friendly alternative and still look exactly like the Joker in the movie. You can replace the vest with a cardigan. And, you can find the suit on AliExpress. Just visit the “For the Stage” section to get it. The shirt is super easy to find. You can get a bright outfit and all the accessories in shops for masquerades. But if you are seeking quality, you might not be satisfied with the outcome. The thing is the materials used for those outfits are low grade and gets torn quickly.

LOOK #2 

To get the joker costume, you can search vintage stores and second-hand stores online and offline. There are a handful of items produced with fabrics of bright colors and sold in the mass market. You can get them in the fall season. Just conduct an online search.

LOOK #3 

It’s possible to acquire items that are expensive but not in the mass market. But the price shouldn’t be your focus but the fact that the item in question is worth the value for your money. So, even if you wear it every day, it will still last longer. You should also choose items of the same color, but more muted shades and laconic cut.


It’s time to free your imagination. When your budget does not constrain you, you won’t have problems finding the right items you seek.


Halloween makeup is a breeze with the Red Pumpkin face paint kit. It is simple, pocket-friendly and safe to apply on your delicate skin. So go for it and make your Halloween special as always.