Best Halloween ever, or what is the trend for Halloween face painting 2021

Alena Porokh 22.11.2021

Halloween face paint 2021 trends

If you want to have best Halloween ever, find out new trends for Halloween face painting. When it comes to this feast, we can write about it endlessly. It has become the most expected holiday for the past decades thanks to its entourage, magic history, and horror elements. People celebrate this Day by creating costumes, face, and body painting ideas long beforehand. Celebrities adore this holiday. You may understand it by looking through Instagram accounts. Google, for example, shares data on top trending searches for costumes, celebs, or ideas. Every year the world goes crazy looking for the idea of how to become the scariest creature on All Hallows Eve.

Why do we love Halloween so much

We celebrate Halloween on October 31. The art of painting originated from ancient Celts. They trusted that face and body painting gave them magician power and saved them from enemies. They also had a tradition of lit bonfires and wearing unique costumes to scare off ghosts they believed in. That was the Samhain celebration.

By 43 A.D. Roman Empire had conquered the Celtic lands and combined their commemoration of the dead passing and Celtic Samhain.

In the eighth century, Pope Gregory III declared November 1 as a day to honor all saints. So the evening before became known as All Hallows Eve. Although the Day of All Saints was a Christian holiday, soon it took the Celtic traditions, especially wearing strange costumes to scare off supernatural spirits.

As to American Helloween history, new immigrants flooded America in the second half of the 19th century. These people, especially the people from Irish, helped to make this feast popular.

How to make best face painting Halloween


That day Americans dressed up in strange costumes and came to the neighbor’s houses expecting to get food or money. That’s how the “trick-or-treat” tradition appeared. People started to believe in the supernatural powers of The All Hallows Eve: women divined to know the name of their future husband or did tricks hoping to see him in the mirror.

In the XIXth century, there began a move to make Halloween a holiday that brought people together. Soon it became the holiday of parties for both children and adults. Parties were about food, sweets, funny games, and fantastic costumes.

As to makeup and face painting, it was considered evil. In the Middle Ages, for puritan society, beautiful women were deceptive, sinners, and served the Devil. Cosmetics use became prohibited by law. Now we can’t imagine our life without face painting, especially when it goes about Halloween.

To make more realistic looks, people painted skin to create horrible or funny characters. People used face paint to create unique makeup effects: fake blood, black spots all over the face and body, white, pale face like a dead person, etc. Then this holiday began to lose its spiritual and religious ground, and by the beginning of the XXth century, it had become a community-centered holiday with carnivals, parties, and parades.

At present, this autumn feast has become the second-largest commercial holiday after Christmas. Americans spend approximately $6 billion annually to celebrate the best Halloween and impress friends and family with outstanding costumes.

Amazing face painting

How we feel the spirit of Halloween

Best spooky movies

To get the Day’s idea and feel the spooky spirit, people watch movies, search scary stories about haunted houses, and read horror books. They look through the best looks on Instagram through celebrities’ accounts or surf Google to get the best look for the day.

We recommend the best movies for a Halloween movie marathon. They are not all about Halloween, but they will indeed create magical even supernatural mood for the Day:

  1. “Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles” with Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise. The movie was made after Ann Rice’s gothic novel.
  2. “Twilight” with Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson is another story about vampires.
  3. “Dracula” after Bram Stoker’s novel. Although there are a lot of different versions of the movie, we insist on the 1992 year American gothic horror film with Harry Oldman, Keanu Reeves, and Winona Ryder.
  4. “Frankenstein” movie after Mary Shelley’s novel, which was published in 1818 year. But the Halloween costume is one of the most popular at present.
  5. “The Haunting of Hill House” both 1959 and 2018 versions are incredible and atmospheric.
  6. “Halloween” 12 movies that were made since 1978. They all will make you tremble.
  7. “Sleepy Hollow” with Johnny Depp is one of the spookiest stories yet, romantic one.
  8. “Practical Magic” with Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman. It’s a beautiful story about young witches.
  9. “The Exorcist,” a real horror movie released in 1973 about a possessed girl.
  10. “Harry Potter” is our beloved magic movie.
  11. “Ghostbusters” you cannot feel the spirit of Halloween without watching this film.

In the XXth century, Haloween makeup was inspired by movies such as “Frankenstein,” “Dracula,” “Mummy.” Vintage costumes, cosmetics, black and white paints could easily make a person look old, dead, spooky. Thanks to many horror stories about witches, this character is trendy among women.

 Famous Haunted Houses

It appears that people can be property obsessed, but ghosts can also be unwanted guests in your house. The most famous hunted places in the world:

  1. Borley Rectory, Essex, the UK – for now, it is considered the most haunted house in the world. Paranormal activity here was fixed first in the 1860s. You can watch an animated documentary about this house dated 2017: spooky house, spooky film.
  2. Ancient Ram Inn, Gloucestershire. What can we say? Ghosts love the United Kingdom. This house is known as the place where black magic rituals were made. Nowadays it’s a small hotel for very brave tourists.
  3. Athelhampton House, Dorset, the UK. The same scary stuff. And they will very welcome you there if you visit.
  4. Woodchester Mansion, Gloucestershire, UK. This mansion is also open for visiting, and it doesn’t look so spooky in photos. But some visitors claim to have been attacked while visiting by the ghosts or have seen strange things like floating head.
  5. Myrtles Plantation, the USA. The house of 10-12 murders, and one of them was the murder of the attorney William Winter.

There are many more haunted houses you may find and a lot of legends, lies, or false stories. But they all look spooky and atmospheric.

Face and body painting Halloween

Best makeup with Red Pumkin face painting kits

No doubt, the most famous Day for using face paints is All Hallow’s Eve holiday. You may find references on and find the best look that you love. We assure you’re going to become a star next Halloween party. Surf the internet and see that Hollywood stars pay a lot of attention to their costumes at the All Hallows Eve party. The uglier they look, the more attention they get.

Let’s blend in and have fun at the party. That is an excellent opportunity for you and your friends to spend time together and make your party excellent and memorable.

To make your look spooky or funny, simply apply paint. It will make your character more real. So you have to become a makeup artist and add special effects using a brush, sponge, and paints.

Makeup kits get better and better. There are various colors, glitter, fangs, bones to polish your look and make it unforgettable. Creating a complicated character doesn’t take much time or effort. Thanks to massive information, articles, videos, you may find outstanding ideas and get into the spotlight of any Halloween party.

The algorithm is simple:

  • Choose a character and buy costume;
  • Order Red Pumpkin 12 colors palette with bright, lucid colors: white, orange, gray, black, red, yellow, brown, green, pink, dark blue, violet, and light blue;
  • We deliver it with three brushes for painting: thin-tipped, round and flat one;
  • You also get 36 stencils to make your face painting easier;
  • Find tutorials on YouTube on making spooky makeup, and feel free to release your artist talent.

Anyway, the Red Pumkin set of reusable 36 stick-on stencils will always give a hand to a bad-ass painter. All you need is to put a chosen stencil on your child’s face and pick his favorite painting. Applying with the sponge, it’s convenient and quick.

Face painting is also a beloved activity for children. They adore changing cloth and looks. Children love to make transformations. That’s why Halloween, Christmas, and Birthdays are the most popular fests for young artists.

Halloween amazing face painting

Why choose Red Pumkin kits

Our products are safe for your skin. They will not cause an allergic reaction, unlike the usual paints we use to draw.

Some mummies ask what the difference is between usual painting kits and face painting kits:

  • Face painting is non-toxic and has a label pointing that it is safe to apply it on the face;
  • Red Pumpkin paintings, for example, are non-toxic constituents and are considered safe for both allergic and non-allergic people;
  • As we talk about FDA-certified face paint products, they should be positively approved and tested by dermatologists;
  • This painting kit was not tested on animals.