How Face Paints Bring Make-Up Artistry to a Whole New Level

Admin 12.09.2019

In recent times, make-up is no longer as it used to be. The trend has evolved make-up from the usual face beat to more creative and artistic works. Most make-up artists are now using face paintings in creating not-just-beautiful but also very glamorous works of art, bringing make-up to a whole new level.

Of a truth, face painting comes with different feelings; exciting, scary, pretty, funny and all of it. Being painted as a wild green tiger, a fantasy Amazon princess, or a fanciful fairy, permits us to let the serious adult in us take a nap for a few hours and let the child out.

It is also fitting to most events and outfits, so the purpose or the use of face painting transcends just the traditional beauty enhancement, which is the very goal of make-ups. Before now, face paint was only used for cultural, religious and hunting purposes and also in the military for camouflage. It was not regular, as it was used occasionally for identified purposes.

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This one is simply pretty and edgy.

This is artsy and very nice, good for a beach outing.

How much story can you tell with a simple painting?

A heart-broken mistress.

Beautiful enough for runways.

Also, there wasn’t really any form of face painting kits in existence. It was just paints and hands that were used to get the desired effects, but following the evolution, there are now face painting kits in different forms with varied effects. There are even face painting kits for kids.

Having rejected the old-school standards, the trend now witnesses an era of make-up artists who use the face as their canvas and Instagram as a curated museum for artistic exhibition.

Extending the world of make-up to include body painting, especially face paint. This is a product of the combination of artistic skills and creativity which brings a new look in the fashion world, extending its horizon to a no-boundary world where creativity is the in thing.

The interesting part of it all is that face painting skills are mostly self-acquired via social media and YouTube. With a load of useful and very practical information out there, make-up artistes are rediscovering a whole new meaning to make-ups. It’s bringing exciting new vibes to the game.

A simple but story-telling piece.

So much complexity attached and best for carnivals.

Creative and glamorous for all kinds of parties.

A complex artistic work fitting for adverts.

A piece of art with strong imagery effects.