Face painting for the best face. Express your emotions

Alena Porokh 19.11.2021

Face paint as the way for transformation

We can’t help but ask why people always want to walk in somebody else’s shoes. Our children want to try on fairytale characters, animals, superheroes, or well-known adults. We, adults, in our turn, want to take part in costume carnivals with all that changing into someone else. Those who follow fashion trends make tattoos, and others are looking for the best professional face paint to create a one-night transformation. Well, people, interest to express emotions by painting is in our genes. Our ancestors used it widely in their life routine.

Face paint for kids

Historical tips

A long time ago, along with the development of language, non-verbal communication attempted to develop. Before learning to speak, a person used his facial expressions for communication. Going to war or hunting, people applied coloring on the face with ash, clay, henna, charcoal, emphasizing their emotions, social status, giving them belief in magical skills.

It is known that the history of the skin coloring goes back to ancient Celts, who used indigo blue paint obtained from woad legume. The Celts applied this paint to the whole body or bare parts. But nobody can tell for sure if it is possible to say the Celts were the first to come up with the idea of ​​applying paint on the face for soldiers. The woad legume was used back in the Neolithic era to apply on skin.

New Zealand Maori applied painted patterns to the skin, which were called “ta-moko.” Ta-moko was very important in Maori culture; it showed the social status, belonging to a particular tribe. Maori pointed the number of killed enemies. They also colored themselves to hide from enemies, be invisible in the woods .

North American Indians believed that the painted skin would help them gain magical protection in battles. They also wanted to look dangerous to their enemies. Indians even colored horses bodies to make sure they can save them as well with their magic powers while battling. Modern soldiers receive awards for their winning in military missions, and the Indians had the right to apply a specific pattern to emphasize their courtesy and distinguish among others. As you may see our ancestors started the trend that we widely use in our modern life.

Face painting history

Colors matter

Black color is the epic one. It always was connected to war, strength, horror. It carries more aggressive energy. Indians marked those soldiers who returned home after a victorious battle in black.

The ancient Romans returning back home after war, painted their faces in red, imitating their god of war, Mars. White meant sorrow, although there was another meaning – peace. Remember the white flag appeared when warriors wanted to surrender. Spirit and enlightenment meant blue or green colors. These colors also signified wisdom and endurance. Green has been closely associated with harmony and the power of providence. Violet is a rare color in nature it meant magic, something unusual. You can use pinterest.com to see references and choose what kind of party you can make with your kid.

Face painting as a tool for personal protection in the modern world

People developed paints that reflect infrared rays and protect soldiers from mosquitoes and other insects. Earlier, the soldier first applied a protective layer of cream against insects and a protective face paint after that. Today there are developments in which these two functions fit in one bottle.

The Digital Security Computer Vision (Face recognition system) has been developed in military institutions, but people created CV Dazzle is also a civilian version. It is based on the World War I Dazzle naval camouflage – they applied black and white lines to the skin of the face. It will prevent the computer system from recognizing the face of the person. The project started in 2010 and the main idea is to digitally protect a person from city cameras, to save privacy.

Let’s make your skin colored

We have something to offer here. Best kit for 12 colors with bright, lucid colors: white, orange, gray, black, red, yellow, brown, green, pink, dark blue, violet, and light blue. It goes along with three brushes for painting: thin-tipped, round and flat. All you need is to wash them properly after using them and keep away from children’s reach. You may be sure that this good face paint for sensitive skin will not cause your child allergic reaction.

Red Pumkin is an online store that sells non-toxic and FDA-certified high-quality face paint to let you use our products with no fear and make the best parties for your children. Should they want to play different parts and try on an image of the bad-ass artist, you all will be engaged in the best activity ever. You also can tell to your children the history stages of face art we listed above and tell them about modern makeup history.

Why it is good to encourage children to do face painting

Nowadays, it became a real art it makes you free from conditionality to try and become somebody else and feel the power of transformation. So what can we take out of this hobby apart from therapeutic effect:

  • It helps your child to become creative and patiently reach for the result. There are no boundaries to use imagination and create whatever they want to;
  • The child will study color theory. And will be able to use different colors by the rules. All in all, it’s like painting on the canvas. It also helps to get symmetry rules, to draw things in proportion, and visualize the image you’re aiming to draw. That’s the real skill of an artist;
  • Face painting will show that mistakes are not the end of the world and sometimes one can eliminate them with real craftsmanship;
  • Children will learn how to engage themselves not only with screens but with actual activity. How to interact with friends and feel happy to spend some quality time.
  • And the last, but not least, is that they may feel like this kind of art is their calling.

There are real people in the world that make good money on face painting or as artists. But not everybody feels okay with painting skills.

Some people do not feel okay with doing face painting, and it’s okay. Well, if you want to have fun and do not feel like being an artist, you may always use stencils that go applied to our 12 colors palette.

We use face painting stencils

When we are ordinary people who enjoy spending time with our friends and do not have enough skills and time to make brush painting, with stencils you may use brush and sponge either way. Red Pumpkin’s palettes are supplied with 36-stick-on stencils that you can reuse.

Children and some adults use stencils to fake body art in summer. And choose what they want to paint on your body each time when going to the beach.

How to buy best face painting kit

Buy Red Pumkin best face makeup

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