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Alena Porokh 17.11.2021

Face painting kits and stencils for kids                                      

You are at about having B-day celebration for your lovely boy or girl. Desperately think of some activity you want to propose to your child? How about to make a “Paint me” game: your kid wants to become a cat or a princess, or maybe a musketeer. You can demonstrate imagination and paint him and his guest’s thanks to face painting. If you feel like an artist today and want to be prepared for the forthcoming party: B-day, Halloween, New Year Party, carnival, please feel free to examine what kind of kits are on the market, either offline and online.

It will be better to add a costume to your mysterious image, and you will make the whole day for your kids. They will enjoy the transformation: colored face and changing into costume. And look, how it will be fun for your children and their little guests. If you are looking for ideas, you may search Pinterest.com. Sometimes we all want to become part of a real costume party. Make sure you will do together with the best activity ever!


You can be sure that Red Pumkin face painting kit is safe 

Some mummies ask what the difference is between usual painting set and face painting. Please find as follows all the differences:

  • It’s non-toxic and has a label pointing that it is safe to apply it on the face;
  • Red Pumkin paintings, for example, are non-toxic constituents and are considered safe for both allergic and non-allergic people;
  • As we talk about FDA-certified face paint products, they should be positively approved and tested by dermatologists;
  • This painting kit was not tested on animals.

We recommend 12 colors palette 

We all know that three colors are enough to paint as you can always mix them to get another color for your paint design. But if you take 12 colors palette, you will get bright, lucid colors: white, orange, gray, black, red, yellow, brown, green, pink, dark blue, violet, and light blue.

The good kit always has at least three brushes for painting: thin-tipped, round and flat. You should keep them out of reach of children to be sure they are clean. It is desirable to have separate brushes for each color to prevent mixing the colors. Anyway, it would help if you washed them correctly each time before you are going to paint.


How to make your life easier

Stencils will make your life easier, especially if you have no talent in painting. That is when stencils will give you a hand in impressing your children and becoming a bad-ass painter who has the skill to paint as a real artist. We point out that Red Pumkin comes with 36 stick-on reusable stencils: animals, butterflies, flowers. All you need is to put one of the chosen stencils to your child’s face and pick his favorite painting. Start applying with the sponge, it is convenient and quick.

Adults often use them in summer as they look like body art but are washable. So you can choose what you want to paint on your body each time you go to the beach. And have a great look with your bikini as if stencils were designed to fake body art!

Face and body painting

The best idea to use face painting for adult party

If you think that only children can enjoy parties, you are wrong. Try to vary your B-day or traditional New Year party. Ask your friends and family to get costumes, name the theme of the party: witch/horror party, Hollywood movie stars or XIX century costumes, Cartoon party, etc. Then propose, instead of masks, use face painting. And you will see that it is going to be the funniest party in your life.

No doubt, the most famous day for using face paints is Halloween. You may find references on Pinterest.com and find the best look that is just for you. We assure you’re going to become a star next Halloween party. If you research the internet, you will see that Hollywood stars pay a lot of attention to their costumes at the All Hallows Eve party. The uglier they look, the more attention they get.

Let’s blend in and have fun at the party. That is an excellent opportunity for you and your friends to spend time together and make your party memorable. Please do not take children with you not to scare them away.


History of painting art

How come the tradition of using painting existed for many centuries and who invented that thing with covering faces: to stress the emotions or scare enemies away.

The use of face paints can be traced back to Australia, Indian people from North America, and African people. During traditional ceremonies, tribespeople covered their skin with clay, charcoal, berry dyes, and other natural pigments. Their choice of colors depended on the available raw materials in their region. To create certain look, tribespeople used ash, feathers, rings, and even bones. They also did body painting, especially while shaman rituals and savage wars.

Then in a civilized world, skin painting became part of the art. Theatres in the first place, use it calling theatrical makeup. It makes the look of the actor more tragic, angry, or cheerful. Actors need to have skills of applying dramatic makeup. This course is included into the studying program.

In the XXth century, rock musicians made face painting an essential part of stage persona look: “Kiss”, Merilyn Manson, Elis Cooper, David Bowie, Boy George, and many, many others. Their makeup became part of their well-known image.

The well-known fact that in the XXth century, military people started coloring their skin together with camouflage cloth for military purposes to mask soldiers while being on the mission. It is made not only to blend in with surroundings but also to stop sun reflection on the skin.

And last but not least, football fans are using it also to support their beloved team. We can see faces painted in flags colors while enjoying the game in the stadium. The conclusion is simple, and people add makeup to emphasize their emotions and feelings at the exact moment.

Face and body painting

Modern Art

In the 2000th and 2010th the fashion industry used painting widely during fashion shows to emphasize the model’s look. There is even paint photography when the paint is thrown into the model while shooting to paint her.

In 2008 Bullets 4 Peace was a cult show by Rafi Anteby, and it made a strong fashion statement: we are against wars and violence. All the models were sent on the runaway with tiny thongs and body paint. They looked awesome.

In 2008 there was International Skin Art Competition: Stokholm Body Painting Contest with utterly beautiful works, winners, and awesome photoshoots.

In 2010 Thanks to Marvel Studio, we have Harlequin Model – Raquel Zimmerman. This girl was painted like Harlequin from the Marvel movie and made a photoshoot for Vogue UK.

In 2011 thanks to the popularity of Marvel heroes, the JKB Fletcher’s series “Hero Face” shows how to recreate each image and give a unique character to every model with superhero paint style.

In 2011 Paige Thomas understanding the true art behind face painting, tried to show beauty through the lips painting. She created animal’s images on model’s lips: panda, crab, fox, etc. Looks unordinary.

In 2011 Freaky Black-out Fashion Shoots made by photographer Satoshi Saikusa with black paint and black cloth.

In 2013 Thom Browne Collection was presented by models painted in silver paint with a surreal twist.

In 2015 Megan Collison took part in a photoshoot to recall a goth vision of a porcelain doll using black face painting.

We hope that in the crazy obstacles of 2019 – 2020, our artists will find a way to implement their new ideas with old techniques of traditional art painting.

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