Face paint vs body paint. Face and body makeup

Alena Porokh 25.11.2021

Why do we cover the face and body with paint

When we cover face and body with paint we simply follow the tradition that is coming from the ancient times when people did it because:

  • Believed face and body painting gave magical power and protection from enemies and evil. Shamans, for good reasons, always covered their body and face before making rituals appealing to ancestral spirits;
  • Emphasized emotion of victory after coming back home from the war or stressing grief from losing somebody dear;
  • Ancient warriors painted faces while being on the mission. It is made not only to blend in with surroundings but also to stop sun reflection on the skin;
  • Hiding natural face and emotions during balls and carnivals, just for a change to become somebody else;
  • Actors from itinerant theatres painted their “professional faces” as a tradition to show that it is just a play. And the spectators could understand by face painting whether the character good or bad.

Today we cover our skin with tattoos, but you can’t wash them with soap and water. Some people prefer to wash patterns, that is why paint kits are still in trend. And in 2010th, it was widely used in fashion shootings for magazines, on runways, and art contests.

Today face as well as body art are trendy among young people. But not everybody wants to put on the skin paint for good. We offer to buy kits for holidays, summer and parties.


Take care of your health when you buy face and body paint

It is essential to understand that even washable and non-toxic paintings for canvases cannot be applied to your body. As they can cause allergic reactions, especially for children. To avoid problems, please make sure that the painting you choose has the following marks:

  • Non-toxic and has a particular label showing that it is safe to apply on the skin;
  • FDA-certified face paint products should be positively approved and tested by dermatologists;
  • We care about animals, and our painting kits were not tested on animals.

You can search the Internet such as “face and body paint near me,” but feel free not to contact the Red Pumpkin online store, and the items you need will be delivered to you in no time.

Face paint kits

Red Pumkin has 12 colors palette for you

Our 12 colors palette is best for professional painters and for those who want to give it a try. When you take 12 colors palette, you will get bright, lucid colors: white, orange, gray, black, red, yellow, brown, green, violet, pink, dark blue, and light blue.

We will apply three brushes to our palette: thin-tipped, round and flat. It would help if you kept them out of reach of children to be sure they were clean. Each time before and after usage, please wash them properly.

Face paint non-allergic

Why do we recommend stencils

 Your child asks you to paint his face, and you are not sure you can show yourself as a bad-ass artist? Stencils will make your life easier, especially if you have no talent in painting. They will give you a hand in impressing your child and his friends. Usually, our kits are supplied with reusable stencils. We only point out that Red Pumpkin comes with 36 stick-on stencils: animals, butterflies, flowers. All you need is to put one of the chosen stencils to your child’s face and pick his favorite painting. Start applying with the brush or sponge. Voila, quick and simple magic.

Children often want to look like adults, and you can always become a body artist and make a nice washable tattoo for your kid using a brush or sponge.


Let your children become real artists with face painting

Children adore face painting because they like transformations and drawings. They want to use imagination and create something. Present days face painting is an activity that brings children joy and the opportunity to express themselves.

You can gain out of this hobby:

  • The child will study color theory. And will be able to use different colors by the rules. All in all, it’s like painting on the canvas. It also helps to get symmetry rules, to draw things in proportion, and visualize the image you’re aiming to attract; that’s the fundamental skill of an artist;
  • It helps your child to become creative and patiently reach for the result. The child will study color theory. And will be able to use different colors by the rules. All in all, it’s like painting on the canvas. It also helps to get symmetry rules, to draw things in proportion, and visualize the image you’re aiming to draw. That’s the real skill of an artist;
  • When your child wants everything to do right, and mistakes cause panic, face painting will show that mistakes are not the end of the world and sometimes they can be eliminated or covered;
  • Children will learn how to engage themselves not only with screens but with real activity. How to interact with friends and feel happy to spend some quality time.

Face and body painting