How to Choose the Best Face Paints

Admin 02.03.2020

Face painting is incredibly fun especially when kids like yours get into it. So if you’re going to make this work, you need to do your research properly in order to purchase the best face paints kit for kids.

There are several face paint ideas that you can try such as animal faces, faces popular cartoon characters, superheroes, monsters, sparkles, butterflies, whiskers and flowers among other ideas. As far as imagination goes, the sky is the limit.

However, before you get started, you need to have the proper equipment to apply face paint before purchasing a kid’s face painting kit. Some of the stuff you’ll need to include:

1. Non-Toxic Paint

The proper face painting kits should come with paints that are non-toxic. There should be a label that indicates this on a kid’s face painting kit as well as specified that the product is made for face painting. If you’re new to this, then you should get a colorful palette for yourself.

One of the best face paints kits for kids is Red Pumkin, which comes with non-toxic constituents that are considered safe for both allergenic and nonallergenic people. Like other FDA-certified face paint products, this one has also been positively approved and tested through various high-profile dermatologists. In other words, you don’t have to worry about your child’s health.

2. Colorful Palette

Although you can’t buy a variety of face paint colors, you need only three to produce a proper face paint design. Therefore, it would be better if you bought a kid’s face painting kit that comes with varying colors that you can use to paint your kid’s face with.

The Red Pumkin face paint kit for kids comes with every cheery and bright color that a child would want. There are over 12 lucid colors, including white, gray, orange, red, yellow, black, pink, brown, green, dark blue, violet and light blue.

All you need for face painting.

All you need for face painting: 12 colors, 3 brushes and stencils!

3. Brushes

You can’t face the paint without brushes – and that’s why you need to ensure that your face paint kit for kids comes with them. There are wide, flat brushes that need to be used for larger details, and thin-tipped, round brushes for smaller details.

Face painting kits should come with at least three brushes of distinct sizes. Having separate brushes for each color prevents the colors from mixing together.

4. Stencils

If you don’t have any painting skills of the sort, then you can use stencils instead. Just take a stencil, unstick it, put it on the skin of your child and then pick your favorite coat of paint and start applying. Voilà! Super convenient, quick and easy.

Some of the best face painting kits come with stencils inside of them. Fortunately, Red Pumkin already comes with 36 stick-on stencils, and are also reusable.

5. All-Inclusive Kit

To ensure you don’t pay extra for materials that you don’t have for face painting, it’s best to purchase a face paint kit for kids that comes with all the necessary items and equipment to face paint your little ones.

This kind of equipment is suitable for festivals, cosplay, birthday parties, Halloween, carnival and any other type of event.

6. Gift Packaging

Looking in a gift for your kid or your friends? Then you need to get your hands on a face painting kit that comes with the most outstanding packaging. That’s exactly what you’re going to get with a Red Pumkin face paint kit. The packaging is beautiful and it makes this kit a great gift.

If you are hesitating on how to choose the best face paints, we made this video for you, explaining what is inside the Red Pumkin face painting kit box! Check it out!

Where to Buy

You can purchase face paint kits either at your local arts and craft store or online. The most convenient buying option by far is Amazon and Red Pumkin face paint kits can be delivered at your doorstep relatively quicker than any delivery service in existence.