Anti-Surveillance Face Paint Camouflage

Admin 13.02.2020

Security is a major issue all over the world, and because of this, we keep seeing more new technologies being developed to monitor the movements and actions of people. A lot of these systems use Artificial Intelligence (AI) for facial and emotional recognition.

In some parts of the world, you have surveillance systems mounted everywhere by the police and others. While this is good for security, it is also affecting the privacy of individuals. What that means is that with all these surveillance cameras everywhere, our privacy is being threatened. What if all these details that are being collected by the cameras surface one day online?

Well, the good news is that it is still possible to protect yourself from these systems and not be recognized. You can creatively trick surveillance systems and successfully make a fool of them with face paint kits. This is because the algorithms of these systems will always scan for the spatial relationship between the facial features. Face paint can save your privacy against this facial recognition tech, keeping you anonymous by creating an anti-face. You can buy these face paints and face paint kits on Amazon.

surveillance software

How does AI for detecting faces work?


1. Makeup
When thinking of protecting your privacy from these systems, you should stay away from enhancers. Instead, you should get a makeup that will contrast your skin tone; that is, makeups that are the opposite of your skin color. By doing so, you can totally avoid being detected by any surveillance system and trick the algorithm system from detecting your skin tone and texture.

Use face paint to protect yourself

Accessories are used here to create asymmetry on the face.

2. Nose Bridge
Your nose bridge is a very important feature on your face for recognition. But if you can conceal that area, even if partially, you can escape being recognised. This works well for the OpenCV’s face detection algorithm.

Camouflage face paint

Stylish hair covering the nose bridge and obscuring a part of the face.

3. Eyes
Your eyes are another set of features on your face that can be used to identify you. But you can render the facial detection system ineffective by obscuring the eye regions.

black and white face paint for security

Simple face paint with colors that contrast skin tone.

4. Masks
Masks would have been an easier option for concealing your face, but they are not allowed in many places. So stay away from them. The alternative would be to use different things like face paints or your hair and makeup or other accessories, to alter your facial contrast to make it impossible for any surveillance system to detect your face.

face painting kit for security

Stylish hair obscuring the eyes and nose bridge.

5. Head
When you conceal the elliptical shape of your head, you increase your chances of not being identified by a face detection system.

anti-surveillance face paint

Hair style with unusual colors that contrast with skin tone and hide part of the face.

6. Asymmetry
Most facial recognition systems look for the symmetry between the left and right sides of the face. If you can create an asymmetrical look, you will be able to reduce your probability of being detected.