12 Worst Halloween Costumes – Do Not Repeat!

Admin 26.09.2019

Halloween costume ideas and Halloween makeup ideas generally are crazy and scary. Every year, people come up with different styles and effect, trying to make impressive Halloween looks. Some opt to buy their costumes from the store, while others end up settling for personally made costumes for the Halloween celebration.

At the end of the day, while some succeed at leaving their neighbours spellbound with their Halloween costumes, others are only able to appear goofy and awful. Certainly, you’ve seen a lot of those (and hopefully, you haven’t been a victim of Halloween costume embarrassment).

Perhaps you want to look weird and edgy. Or maybe you want to live up to the horrors of Halloween. Whatever inspires your Halloween costume idea, you don’t want to disgrace yourself through whatever you end up with. This is why you should try a better alternative: face painting.

You can use a face and body paint kit to create your Halloween look. It’s easier and doesn’t require so much time or creativity. With a professional face paint kit, you can turn yourself into a canvas and create an impressive look to avoid the embarrassment of horrible costumes.

The fear for most people is that they don’t have enough time or creativity required to make something unique themselves. But this isn’t an issue with face painting. You don’t need to be an expert to create something exciting. The professional face paint kit is easy to use. You don’t need a makeup artist, neither do you need to be a skilled artist. There are so many ideas for face painting, ranging from easy paint on eyelids to complicated full-face paint artworks.

With all of the magic that you can create using a professional face paint kit, it is easy to avoid having terrible Halloween costumes that would leave you embarrassed at the end of the day. It’s an experience you wouldn’t want to have (if you haven’t had one already). You will also enjoy the luxury of changing your costume always and not repeating one over and over again.


Here are twelve worst Halloween costumes that are not to be repeated.

halloween costume 1

Do not repeat this Halloween costume

halloween costume 2

Amazon box direct delivery to the party with UPS.

Halloween costume ideas 3

No costume, no Halloween

halloween costume ideas 4

Drunk scary little angry bear

halloween costume 5

Very terrible and poor looking Halloween costume

halloween costume ideas 6

Ancient Egyptian pyramid tombs

halloween costume 7

Mobile cooking gas Halloween costume.

halloween costume ideas 8

Homemade werewolf with cutleries

halloween costume 9

The masquerade man

halloween costume ideas 11

Giant foot

halloween costume ideas 12

A human mobile water closet costume