10 Most Iconic Wrestlers with Face Paint

Admin 09.12.2019

It would be wrong to think that face painting is only for kids or for Halloween costumes. It goes beyond that, and has a history of being used for cultural and religious practices. So, beyond the fun side of it, face paint has a wide range of use, even facepaint for professionals.

Face paint kits can be used for so many reasons, and here we can see sportsmen (wrestlers) who use the face paint not just as a costume but for the purpose of building a particular image for themselves. Over the years, face paint has served as one of the major concepts that have helped wrestlers to successfully create a unique branding or a style for themselves in the sports. With the cool colorful look they wear on their faces created using face painting kits, they stand out to the average viewer which also fans the interest of investing in the wrestlers.

A wrestler standing out because of his professional face painting is a huge part of getting over as a superstar.

However, all wrestlers don’t have to look the same and one can go on the voyage of changing to different characters for each fight just to stand out. While we are talking about facepaint for professionals, it is not limited to wrestlers alone. And also, if your child loves this or any other sport and has a favorite sportsman, you can use facepaint for professionals kits to create his own image or play the game of transforming your child into a sports superstar. You can get these face paints kits on Amazon.

Below are 10 most iconic wrestlers with face paint: 

wrestler and face paint

Throughout Sting’s career, he experimented with several patterns and color shades, and each of them defined a phase in his career.

wrestlers with face paint

The Great Muta had a face paint that aligned so well with the character he portrayed as a wrestler, and it is synonymous with how he is viewed.

wrestler with symbolic face painting design

While some wrestlers didn’t think much of face paint back in the 80s, the Legion of Doom’s Animal and Hawk found it useful for creating unique looks that set them apart.

face painting kit for sportsmen

When Dustin Rhodes played the Goldustrole, his face paint was a major part of the personality; and even though he’s no more with WWE, he hasn’t let go the face paint, albeit there’s been some modifications.

face painting idea for wrestler

For Finn Balor, face paint wasn’t a regular thing for every match; rather, it was what transformed him to the Demon King, a personality that shows up only for important matches.

face painting idea for wrestlers

Umagamay no longer be alive, but his role and the position he rose to in WWE’s heel will always be remarkable; and his face paint helped shape his personality and how he’s remembered.

face painting kits professional

Jeff Hardy’s face paint wasn’t a constant thing for him, but he used it sometimes to express his mood for the match.

face painting kits professional for sportsmen

Boogeyman is scary, not only to children, but even to other wrestlers; and that’s courtesy of his face paint.

white and red face painting kit professional

Demolition’s face paint helped them achieve a unique appeal and a striking look that made them stand out in the tag team.

Face painting is not only for children.

Ultimate Warrior’s face paint increased his marketability and was a factor in his becoming a celebrated star of the WWE.