10 Hilarious IT Movie Memes That Will Have You Dying Of Laughter

Admin 29.10.2019

Let me guess; you are wondering why the movie It is a fan favorite. Well, take a watch. You will understand why movie lovers are so obsessed with this blockbuster horror movie called It. It is a movie from Stephen King’s famous novel. It’s practically a horror movie and was released years ago.

Today, one can boldly say that IT stands tall among movies in its genre. And it is also one of the most iconic horror movies of all times. Everything about the film, including the storyline plots and characters, makes it a must-watch.

It was Stephen King’s 22nd book and the 13th novel that had his name. The story was written in 1986, but Stephen alleged that he conceived the idea in 1978. Even though he did, we can’t thank him enough for such a masterpiece. Chapter one was released in 2017 and was a huge hit. Kids and adults who had the opportunity to watch the movie quickly professed their love for it. It episode two was released on September 6, 2019. And the film is still a must-watch.

Pennywise is the infamous villain is the killer clown that traveled from outer space and landed in Derry, Maine. Because of its Spaceshift and constant change in form, Pennywise appeared once in every 27 years powerful and hunger. The monster also had just one mission in mind; to terrify and devour kids.

And by the way, you can transform yourself into this dreadful monster. All you need to do is make use of the face paint. It would be an excellent way to terrify your friends and create lasting memories. Just let it serve as your dress code for that upcoming costume party and Halloween event. You are going to have mad fun wearing this costume and appearing like Pennywise before your friends, relations and neighbors.

IT: Chapter one released in 2017 was a hit in America and across the globe. People enjoyed reading the It movie’s clown memes and also sharing them. And thankfully, we have managed to handpick some of the trending memes. Take a look at them.