10 Best Ronald McDonald Memes

Admin 23.12.2019

Today, what we see as the famous Ronald McDonald across all McDonald’s restaurants started years ago. Ronald McDonald features a clown character that terrified kids, including most grownups. You can now find Ronald McDonald memes all over the internet.

However, Ronald McDonald regularly appeared in all McDonald’s television programs and claims to live in a fantasy world it calls the McDonaldland. But before the name became famous and featured in TV programs, Bozo was the hottest, and dopest children show at that time. Unfortunately, it stopped airing, and McDonald’s marketing team acted fast. They teamed up with Willard Scott, who played Bozo the clown.

Willard Scott became the first-ever Ronald McDonald character and was soon joined by hundreds of clowns. He was the first to run the popular Ronald TV program that became a fan favorite. However, McDonald later abolished the TV program. Instead, they made the clown character, Ronald, to interact physically with kids.

It is safe to say that the McDonald’s marketing team took the Ronald McDonald thing to another level. They even went as far as hiring full-time workers dressed as clowns. Their duty was to appear in events and hospitals, wearing the ever-captivating Ronald McDonald costume. Today, the diverse forms of the famous “Ronald McDonald” name and clown face costume have been trademarked by McDonald and known across the world. Not just in America, this costume is popular in different parts of the world. It also has unique names. For instance, in China, the locals call it “Uncle Donald,” while the Japanese call it Donald McDonald and McThai in Thailand.

But there is a dark side to this clown character called Ronald McDonald. Even though it served as a symbol for McDonald and the USA’s fast food industry, critics were heavily against it. They believed it was unethical for it to target children. There was also an outcry that it was contributing to childhood obesity.

Childhood obesity truly is a real problem in the world today. So why not, Ronald should be retired. Again, the character is very creepy, and many are scared of him. By the way, you can use face paints to transform yourself into this hilarious but dreadful character. Won’t you like to terrify your friends and watch the look on their faces? It would be fun! You can use this face paint as part of your dress code for that costume or Halloween party. Share fun and memorable moments with your friends and loved ones!

Here we have some funny Ronald McDonald memes for you – check them out. They are quite amusing, aren’t they? That’s how you will look when you are wearing face paint.