The Best Face Painting Experience Your Money Can Buy!

Red Pumkin is one of the best quality face paints that are available for an affordable price.
Buy Red Pumkin face paints and you will get:
  1. lucid colors that stay on the skin up to 4 hours, easily showing up on all types of skin and smears well;
  2. easily washed away from skin and clothes paints without rubbing;
  3. hypoallergenic, non-toxic constituents, free from parabens paints.

Face Painting Kits for Kids – Water Activated Kids Face Paint Non Toxic Hypoallergenic – Baby Safe Body Paint – Stencils

Stays Well on the Skin for up to 4 Hours!

Red Pumkin face painting kits for kids are very easy to apply on all types of skin. Face paint stays on the skin all the time for up to 5 hours during kids’ games and it stays on well, once dry on touching the paint.

These face paints do not crack and break off. Even when you are sweating or in case of rain, the paint will not be ruined.

Easy to Wash Off with Water

Face paints are very easy to wash off from the skin and clothes with water. You don’t need to bruise your kids’ skin to get rid of this paint. Water and some soap easily take care of the washing.

The stains could also be washed off your kids’ clothes with the help of a washing machine or manual washing.

Safe to Use on Kids Delicate Skin!

Red Pumkin kids face painting kit comes with non toxic constituents and is considered safe for both allergic and non-allergic sufferers.


As one of the FDA certified face paints, this product has been tested in the lab by several expert dermatologists to ensure that it is safe to use for kids. 

Reasons to Buy Red Pumkin Face and Body Paint Kit


    Red Pumkin face paints come readily packed with non-toxic constituents. The paints are highly considered safe for kids. 


    A face paint kit has been tested in the lab by several high-profile dermatologists to confirm that it is safe for kids. Also, this is an FDA certified face paints.


    You do not need to bruise your kid’s skin to get this face paint off their body. Water and soap take good care of that. 


    This face paint kit for kids has 12 lucid colors that you will love, which are grey, white, red, orange, green, light blue, black, yellow, brown, pink, dark blue, and violet.


    All colors are the same as in pictures and they blend well. 


    Paint is easy to apply, and it doesn’t smudge all over. Stays on well and is perfect for kids’ fun. High-quality paints are applied to brushes without force.


    One professional face painting kit will be more than enough for lots of children’s events and games. There are loads of paint in each pot.


    Its beautiful gift packaging makes this face paint kit a perfect gift for your child for any holiday. Create a memorable birthday party using these face paints! 

Unpacking of Red Pumkin Face Painting Kit!

What You Receive in the Box

Red Pumkin face paint kit comes with everything you need to transform your little ones. It features:

  • 12 lucid colors firmly placed in a plastic tray;
  • 36 stick-on stencils that are reusable;
  • 3 well-made brushes of different sizes to give you the best output.

In fact, it’s one of the highly recommended face painting kits for kids professional for any face painting task.

3 Long-Lasting Brushes

The brush tips that come with the paints hold well, are not too soft, and do not tear apart, which makes them very convenient to use.

There are 3 brushes in the box:

  • 1 thick for maximum coverage
  • 1 thin for great outlines;
  • 1 ultra-thin for perfect detail, to help you enjoy your face painting experience.

Suitable for All Kinds of Children Events

The product is versatile and ideal for any event:

  • carnivals;
  • street parties;
  • school fetes;
  • cosplay;
  • Halloween;
  • birthday parties and others.

Transform your amazing kids with our extraordinary face and body paint for kids. It’s safe to use, super easy to apply and wash off!

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.) about Red Pumkin face painting kit

What are the ingredients?

Below are the ingredients contained in this FDA approved face paint kit:

  • 30% Distilled Water 
  • 30% Color Lakes 
  • 10% Glycerol 
  • 8% Calcium Carbonate 
  • 8% Stearic Acid 
  • 6% Talcum Powder 
  • 5% Propylene Glycol 
  • 3% Candelilla Wax 

Where are these paints produced?

These professional face painting kits for kids are designed in the USA, FDA approved and are produced in China. 

This kids face paint kit is dermatologically tested in a real-life laboratory by professionals and is water activated, non-toxic and hypoallergenic.

What colors are included?

Red Pumkin FDA approved face painting kits for kids includes 12 lucid colors to let your kids’ imagination run wild. They are red, orange, yellow, green, light blue, dark blue, violet, pink, brown, grey, black and white.

How many faces can I paint using one face paint kit?

This largely depends on how much of a single color is used across the many face paint designs. Approximately 100 faces are estimated if all colors are used across many designs. 

You can design just about anything you want with the ability to beautifully blend every color of the rainbow and lots more.

Is this face paint lead-free?

Yes! These paints are lead-free, non toxic and paraben-free. They are also fully compliant with the FDA.

I don’t know how to face paint – is it suitable for beginners?

Nothing to worry about! Every package of Red Pumkin face painting kit includes a 3-step tutorial book for cat, dog, tiger, and zombie face painting designs.

Also if you are still not confident whether you can hold a brush correctly to create something completely new, there are 36 reusable stencils that you can just fill in with color and enjoy the butterflies, kisses, hearts, spiders, etc. on your kids’ faces!

Can I use it on my dog?

Great question! This face paint is FDA approved, hypoallergenic for kids skin and dermatologically tested. 

However, as with any paint makeup product, it is recommended that people should carry out a small skin patch test just to ensure that the product is suitable for the skin.

We recommend making the same test on your dog’s skin before use. If the test is okay, you can use it on your dog.

Customer Reviews on Amazon

  • My son really enjoyed playing with this set.
    He was more interested in painting it on us then actually have it painted on him.
    I also took it to a kids party with me and it was a huge hit! The kids came back for more!

    There are so many cool designs to choose from, and great colors to paint with.
    The paint is very easy to clean.
    It takes some trial and error to figure out how moist the brush should be and how long to wait before peeling the stencil after painting on it.

    Zach S

    Verified Purchase

  • I bought it for my 5 years old and I’m really happy with this purchase. She loves it! So easy to use, once you put the sticker it doesn’t move. I also managed to put the sticker back after, so we’ll be able to use it again. So cute! and i love the fact that i can make unicorn or complicated things to draw without any effort. I also like that each color has it own cover so it doesn’t get dry.


    Verified Purchase

  • My 6yrs. Daughter loves it!! She created her own face paint station at home and paint all of us ! High quality of paint, easy to wash/clean, great size of brushes.


    Verified Purchase


Get the Red Pumkin Face Paint for kids today to help your youngsters to create long-lasting memories.